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Search Results For For Honour

On November 4, 2019, Jorge R. DelRio, a Dayton, Ohio, police officer and a 19-year Drug Enforcement Administration task force officer, along with other members of the DEA Dayton Resident Office were executing a federal narcotics search warrant at a residence in Dayton. During the search, Task Force Officer DelRio was shot twice and eventually succumbed to his injuries on November 7, 2019. Read more >

Search results for for honour

If you are looking for a specific term or document, searching can help you find it quickly. When you search in Refworld, you enter one or more search terms about the item into the basic search box, and you receive search results that match those words. Searching also offers sophisticated options that allow you to narrow your search in a variety of ways, with the most powerful options reserved for the advanced search page.

Be as specific as you can when searching for documents, use specific words instead of general ones. Enter words that you think will appear in the documents you want. Refworld indexes all of the words in every document.

By default Refworld uses assisted search to match spelling and other variations. Thus you do not need to know all a word's spellings in order to get maximum relevant results. In the example, as well as bidoon, results with bedoon, bidun, bedoun etc. will also be returned.

This is particularly useful when there are related names that are completely different. For instance, the Chocó people of Colombia are also known as Embera and Wounan. Assisted search means that a search for chocó will also include results with embera and wounan (and vice-versa).

If you are not sure what you are looking for, or if you want to scroll through items, browsing is an excellent way to become acquainted with the rich content of Refworld. When you browse in Refworld, you click through categories, publishers, document types, topics and countries until you find a document or set of documents that meets your needs. As you select each browse option, a button with the name of this option will be added below the browse tabs. At any time simply click the button to remove it from the filtered results.

Browsing on Refworld can sometimes be overwhelming due to the large number of items found. However, you can quickly focus your browse results by making selections from "Narrow results by" tabs or by using the filter feature.

Use the filter bar that appears above the document listing in the search and browse modes to further refine your results. You can filter by document title, year or document text. In each case, entering a term in the box will filter your list accordingly. You can also order results by date or relevance. To go back to the full document set, click the "Clear" button to remove any text from the filter box and then click on the "Go" button.

Our search tool will allow you to interrogate our database to find the various war casualty records we maintain. There are a range of different fields that will allow you to create the right search terms for you. For a more detailed search, you can add further fields by using the Additional Fields. You do not have to use every field in our search tool.

The Trustees of The Scottish National War Memorial maintainthe Roll of Honour for Scots. Themaster Roll is held on a database which is transferred to this search fileperiodically. The content is also extractedto the printed pages displayed in the Hall of Honour of the War Memorial.

You can also search for individual casualties online usingthe facility below. Aftersearching for an individual casualty, clicking on an entry to view details, youwill be presented with an option to purchase a Certificate and/or an Extractfrom the Roll should you so wish.

To carry out a search, enter your search terms below. You must enter at least one of the surname (with the selection option); service number; or year of death. By default results will come from the whole Roll, but you can reduce this by selecting a conflict era.

Web crawlers will still be able to find your site, but properly configured crawlers will read your robots.txt and leave without indexing the content or showing it in their search results.

When you turn on this setting or any option like it, all it does is add a tag to your header or your robots.txt. As shown by older versions of WordPress still allowing your site to be listed in search results, a small glitch or other error can result in people seeing your supposedly hidden pages.

In Yoast SEO, you can open up a page you want to hide and look for the option under the Advanced tab: Allow search engines to show this Post in search results? Change it to No and the page will be hidden.

You can give a start date, an end date,or both to restrict results to a particular date range. A missing enddate implies the current date, and a missing start date implies the oldest datewe have in the system. Dates can be entered in any format you wish, e.g.3rd March 2007 or 17/10/1989

A case where a student receives a grade related sanction (such as an F in the course) which results in an academic suspension or program dismissal, does not apply to this process and does not result in an in-person hearing being granted. If a case does not meet the above-mentioned criteria, it is referred to the sanctions only written review process.

The decision of the Appeal Committee is the final step in the Academic Integrity Process. A student cannot appeal a finding of in violation which results in a grade related sanction through the Academic Appeals Committee. Appeals can be submitted online via the website at

We hope this article helped you stop search engines from crawling or indexing your WordPress site. You may also want to learn how to speed up your website performance, or see our ultimate step by step WordPress security guide for beginners.

A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which URLs the crawler can access on your site. This is used mainly to avoid overloading your site with requests; it is not a mechanism for keeping a web page out of Google. To keep a web page out of Google, block indexing with noindex or password-protect the page.

If you use a CMS, such as Wix or Blogger, you might not need to (or be able to) edit your robots.txt file directly. Instead, your CMS might expose a search settings page or some other mechanism to tell search engines whether or not to crawl your page.

If you want to hide or unhide one of your pages from search engines, search for instructions about modifying your page visibility in search engines on your CMS (for example, search for "wix hide page from search engines").

If other pages point to your page with descriptive text, Google could still index the URL without visiting the page. If you want to block your page from search results, use another method such as password protection or noindex.

If your web page is blocked with a robots.txt file, its URL can still appear in search results, but the search result will not have a description. Image files, video files, PDFs, and other non-HTML files will be excluded. If you see this search result for your page and want to fix it, remove the robots.txt entry blocking the page. If you want to hide the page completely from Search, use another method.

Use a robots.txt file to manage crawl traffic, and also to prevent image, video, and audio files from appearing in Google search results. This won't prevent other pages or users from linking to your image, video, or audio file.

Students who have gone through the HSMC's first-year program and are returning have the opportunity to conduct original math research projects that may be submitted to various contests and journals. The Honors Summer Math Camp has a strong record of producing award-winning research projects. In 2009, a team from the HSMC won first place at the national level of the Siemens Competition, sharing a $100,000 college scholarship. We have had the honor of working with the Siemens competition every year since 2001. Through the years we have had 73 semifinalists teams, 25 regional finalists teams, and 5 national finalist teams. A full listing of HSMC research papers and results in the Siemens Competition is given here.

Unfortunately, Siemens is no longer holding their competitions. However we will continue to have enriching original research projects that will be available for potential publication and sent to other competitions. The research is mentor driven and can provide opportunities to present at competitions (e.g. Intel) and opportunities for submissions to research journals.

At Mathworks we value the skills and deeper understanding created through these research projects. The Honors Summer Math program offers second and third year students with an opportunity to gain first-hand research experience guided by Texas State University faculty.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has backed the "right to be forgotten", telling Google to delete personal data from its search results when a member of the public requests it. This landmark ruling was heavily debated on the web: what are the effects on freedom of expression? Does it open the door to censorship?

The case concerns a Spanish citizen whose name appeared in announcements in a Catalonian newspaper for a real-estate auction for the recovery of his social security debts. When searching for him on the web years later, Google still returned links to those announcements. (If you Google for him now, you will only find pointers to sites discussing this case ;-). The man requested that Google remove these results when searching for him. The CJEU has ruled that Google should honour this request. (The man also requested the original newspaper publications to be deleted. This request was however already denied by the Spanish data protection authority, that originally received the request, because "publication by it of the information in question was legally justified as it took place upon order of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and was intended to give maximum publicity to the auction in order to secure as many bidders as possible.".) 041b061a72

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