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Although you may have a choice of people's faces to expose, DeepNude's support for photos from other sources is fairly limited. Be warned that it does not work at all, even with the easiest files to crack - photos from the families' computer. Anyway, a search for the file will return the original image from DeepNude, thereby removing the buttocks from the site.


Indeed, the most popular feature - the ability to see the internal structure of the buttocks -- works in most cases, albeit in low resolution. DeepNude is also able to remove the face entirely and put it in the centre of the photo, creating an attractive, unflattering mask from which one can see how the face is 'covered'. This allows you to reveal a person's face underneath the mask, but not vice versa. In other words, you can see what the person is hiding but not vice versa.

The most popular feature of DeepNude, the ability to overlay the trousers, briefs or skirt on the image is not available in the free version and can only be unlocked through the service's premium membership, although there are hints to how to do it.

Thanks to the crack, the original DeepNude application is now available to anyone who likes to support open source software. Its creators have released the source code, allowing programmers to improve its capabilities. For now, DeepNude is working perfectly in Windows 8.0 versions, although this may change if we learn of a compatibility problem.

Now, developers and other programmers can crack the new version, but it will be harder. If you've successfully leaked the DeepNude version, note that the application may not even appear in the list of installed applications. Start the installer, go to the package menu and click on Uninstall. Clean up the app data, delete the release folder and do not touch the registry, as the old version was saved there. Only then is it possible to delete the old version, as it is impossible to run two DeepNude applications at the same time.

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