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Best Buy Geek Squad Webroot Renewal

I then google searched "best buy geek squad auto renewal email"..and found its a known issue. So im hoping I wont be debited nearly $300 for this service (from my savings account) which, them saying that, was the tip off to cause me suspicion that this was a phishing scam...because I dont use my savings account nobody has it! So whoever is writing these scam emails, based on all the other ones I saw people post, writes it different every time..same message..

best buy geek squad webroot renewal

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I got that same email yesterday fir annual support renewal for $346.00 as well it came from a gmail account order serial #was also Z94-641892683 and the phone number used was to contact to cancel or for help was 1-800-276-1698. I contacted geek squad through their real number. I dod not even have an account or service with them and they said their order number does not begin with ZF. They even used my full name. They told me it was a scam. So I googled and found this among other similar links to similar scams.

Saw this and knew I'd charged something to my card around this amount but couldn't remember what. As another poster was my Webroot antivirus renewal which was bought through geek squad, so shows up as Best Buy on the card, rather than webroot. Phew. 041b061a72

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