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Rangeela Movie 720p Download Movie

Rangeela Movie 720p Movie - A Review

Rangeela is a 1995 Hindi romantic comedy film directed by Ram Gopal Varma and starring Aamir Khan, Urmila Matondkar and Jackie Shroff. The film was a blockbuster at the box office and received critical acclaim for its story, music, cinematography and performances. The film also marked the debut of music composer A.R. Rahman in Hindi cinema.

The plot of the film revolves around Mili (Urmila Matondkar), an aspiring actress who dreams of making it big in Bollywood. She is supported by her childhood friend Munna (Aamir Khan), a street-smart orphan who sells movie tickets in black. Munna secretly loves Mili, but does not express his feelings to her. Mili gets a chance to act in a movie opposite Raj Kamal (Jackie Shroff), a famous actor who falls in love with her. Mili is torn between her friendship with Munna and her attraction to Raj Kamal. The film explores the themes of love, friendship, ambition and fame in a humorous and entertaining way.


Why watch Rangeela movie 720p movie?

There are many reasons to watch Rangeela movie 720p movie, such as:

  • The film is a classic example of Ram Gopal Varma's style of filmmaking, which combines realism, satire and stylization. The film showcases his mastery over the craft of cinema, with innovative camera angles, lighting, editing and sound design.

  • The film features some of the most memorable songs composed by A.R. Rahman, who won his first Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for this film. The songs are catchy, melodious and suit the mood and tone of the film. Some of the popular songs from the film are "Tanha Tanha", "Hai Rama", "Kya Kare Kya Na Kare" and "Rangeela Re".

  • The film boasts of excellent performances by the lead actors, who bring their characters to life with charm and charisma. Aamir Khan delivers a brilliant performance as Munna, who is funny, witty, loyal and lovable. Urmila Matondkar shines as Mili, who is innocent, ambitious, naive and passionate. Jackie Shroff impresses as Raj Kamal, who is suave, sophisticated, romantic and generous.

  • The film is a refreshing and enjoyable take on the Bollywood industry, which exposes its glamour and glitz as well as its struggles and challenges. The film also pays tribute to some of the iconic films and stars of Hindi cinema, such as Sholay, Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi.

  • The film is available in high-definition quality (720p) on various online platforms, such as [JioCinema] and [YouTube]. You can watch the film on your preferred device at your convenience and enjoy the visual and audio quality of the film.

In conclusion, Rangeela movie 720p movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves Bollywood movies. The film is a perfect blend of romance, comedy, drama and music that will entertain you from start to finish.

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