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[S4E7] Beneath The Surface

The Taproot is the podcast that digs beneath the surface to understand how scientific publications in plant biology are created. In each episode, co-hosts Liz Haswell and Ivan Baxter take a paper from the literature and talk about the story behind the science with one of its authors.

[S4E7] Beneath the Surface

Detective Murdoch and Constable Crabtree investigate when a body is uncovered by workmen along the Toronto harbour, in an area that previously was the site of docks for passenger ships and more recently a landfill, find a body about 15 feet below the surface. The remains are quite old and date from perhaps the mid-1860s. Dr. Ogden's review of the remains indicate that he might have been murdered.

On Day Eight, Mr. Peanutbutter has been tied to a makeshift cross and is about to be burned by Jessica. BoJack and Diane, still a bit drunk, try to figure out what to do, and realize that there might be a well of water beneath them. They start digging despite Woodchuck's protests for them not to.

On Day Ten, The water has almost filled the entire house, with the guests floating just beneath the ceiling. They are about to drown when the house begins to move. Outside, the Ants have joined together to bring the house to the surface, as they want them out of there, although it crumbles to pieces immediately afterward. Jessica Biel tells them that they are never talking about this again as they all walk away.

It's been eight months since the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Struggling with the aftermath, our group of friends are separated for the first time - and navigating the complexities of high school hasn't made things easier. In this most vulnerable time, a new and horrifying supernatural threat surfaces, presenting a gruesome mystery, that if solved, might finally put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down.

The Galactic Empire established several factories and mines which polluted and marred much of the planet's previously pristine natural environment. Imperial business even disrupted the planet's varied weather, which had once brought natural wonders such as thunderheads rolling over its mountains and the sound of the wind. Even those who only knew the Empire still came to miss things such as the smell of jogan blossoms on the breeze since the Empire destroyed many orchards to make way for mines.[13] By 1 BBY, much of the planet's surface had been strip-mined to harvest minerals for the Empire. The planet was also polluted by Imperial factories.[38] One of the coveted minerals present on the planet was doonium, which the Mining Guild ruthlessly exploited on Lothal like it had on multiple other worlds.[39]

In ancient times, the Jedi Order discovered a vergence amid the tundra on northern Lothal. Establishing a Jedi Temple hidden beneath the planet's surface,[31] the entrance could only be exposed through use of the Force.[20] According to the Lothal Calendar, the planet was settled around 3,245 years before Sheev Palpatine's rise to the position of Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.[37]

Due to the location of Lothal far from any prominent hyperlane, the planet never became a destination for galactic travelers, and was therefore ignored during times of war. When the Clone Wars erupted throughout the galaxy, Lothal avoided invasion,[46] but suffered a severe drought and a plague which swept through the herds of livestock which grazed across Lothal. As the crops died and entire herds of livestock perished, the economy of Lothal began to crash as the import/export trade slowed. Petitioning the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic for aid, the Lothalian government was constantly rebutted as the Senate was more concerned with the war effort. When the Galactic Empire supplanted the Republic, Lothal once more requested assistance from the Imperial Senate, and were relieved to obtain a confirmation that Imperial relief would be sent to the planet. The Empire was interested in Lothal as it seemed to be a great location for an outpost, and so a survey team was dispatched and, at first, discovered nothing of value except vast crops. As the survey team further investigated however, they discovered extensive starship-building materials beneath the surface along[3] with the valuable discovery of kyber crystals.[16] Within a week of the discovery, mining facilities and droid factories were dispatched, along with an Imperial garrison, and the planetary government sought to maintain sovereignty.[3]

By 1 BBY, extensive Imperial industrial production had left the planet pockmarked with areas of fire and heavy pollution reaching all the way to the upper atmosphere. Ezra Bridger, returning to the planet with Cikatro Vizago, thought that the planet was nearly unrecognizable and felt that it looked like it was dying.[38] Mining Guild ore crawlers also excavated the planet's surface for raw minerals to feed the Imperial war machine, razing vast tracts of Lothal's plains and hurting the planet badly. Those who broke Imperial law including smugglers like Cikatro Vizago were forced to worked as slaves aboard these ore crawlers.[61] The Empire also imposed a night curfew in major centers such as Capital City. Despite a harsh Imperial crackdown which claimed the life of Jho, Ryder Azadi's rebel cell managed to continue operating on Lothal and relayed intelligence about the Empire's TIE/D Defender Elite project to the Rebel Alliance on Yavin 4. Feeling a special connection to Lothal, the Spectres smuggled themselves in Lothal with the help of Vizago, who was subsequently arrested by the Empire for smuggling puffer pigs. In Capital City, Ezra and Sabine Wren reunited with an old rebel contact named Jai Kell. The Spectres and Jai Kell managed to evade Imperial forces by fleeing into the city's sewers and rendezvoused with Ryder's cell.[38]

On opposite sides of a town redistricting, the drama related to Tami remaining the principal of Dillon High and Eric becoming the coach at East Dillon High continues to cause more tension. Smartly, however, writers and producers have a found a way to dig beneath the surface and create some focused, recession-timed subplots.

The finale underlines that this is a complicated crime with years-long tension bubbling beneath the surface, both in regards to the case itself and the people around it. But who was the killer arsonist at the heart of the drama? Read on for everything you need to know about the ending to The Bay season 4.

Rachel is walking very unsteadily on two crutches when she hears a distant sound. Back in her wheelchair she searches the rooms in which she has been confined, and discovers a previously-closed door is now open, leading to stairs upward. Back on crutches, she climbs the stairs to discover a surface-level modernistic house, with windows showing winter outside. There is a living room, and sitting on the couch is Susan Duncan, who welcomes Rachel to The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Between the two, you'd think Cassidy is unaffected by Jesse's death. But his rage simmers below the surface. It bursts forth in front of the orthodox Jewish congregation that has been sheltering Humperdoo.

Jesse's hubris shows up for a second as he reaches to touch the throne. As his fingertips graze its surface, he is given a taste of what it would be like to be God. It is powerful and awe-inspiring but not for him.

The evil beneath the town of Sandpoint refuses to sleep quietly and a killer from the ancient past awakes. Clues found in his lair lead to the den of a legendary dragon and into a vast arcane dungeon ruled by ancient wizards, where the seven deadly sins reign supreme. Can the PCs hone the sins within themselves into weapons against their true foe, Karzoug, the resurrected Runelord of Greed?

[00:13:01] Jasper: No, I feel like you totally did about the challenges that youth face and the importance of reaching them. I know for myself I never did any therapy until I was 24 and when I did, it felt so personally transformative to be able to address these things that had been lurking under the surface. 041b061a72

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