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8 Year Old Baby Daughter Sucks Daddy's Cock And...

Hello I was diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder when I was 13 years old and was not told as I was in care and I had a baby at 22 years old and was told she would not be taken off me but when she was 7 months old she was because of my mental health that I did not know I had and my family did not help it was like from the start as soon as I announced my pregnancy my mum took control of everything and after my baby was born my mum and grandparents did as I had to live with them because soushal serves and the soushal worker I had at the time did not help either in me getting somewhere better to live I am still in my old probably that is shared accommodation and no children allowed I tryed so hard to get a place but it did not work as I had no help and so i had to go live with my grandparents i did not even get to nest or anything my family made me out to be a bad mum even as i had mental health problems but did not know so they always made it kick off i did not k ow what i was doing and they was ment to teach me how to do stuff but instead they took over and wanted my little girl for them self as they admitted to me when they got together they wanted a baby my nan has been married 3 times so it is not easy and I felt like I was just a surrogate to my own daughter they always wanted me out the house and I was not allowed to be left alone with my daughter even now I am not as her dad has full custody but after my daughter was taken I was told that I had dissociative identity disorder and suffered since I was 13 years old that explained my behave and the soushal workers did not want me to have my daughter they thought that my grandparents could do a better job then me even as they are so stricke we went to court and they said it is for my daughters best interest that I leve with out her a d is killed me so much as I had to leve soon as i got out of court the final court hearing my daughter was put in her dads care and i am trying so hard to get my self sorted to get her back but feel like it is not good enough and that i will never get her back so i k ow were you are scared to have your children taken from you because i had it done to me and so did my mum due to mental health I am so scared incase all the work I am doing to get myself stable will not be enough to get my 2 year old daughter home and it kills so much her dad I have always loved and still do were best friends but it does not help when he has is ex girlfriend around my daughter even as she got her children taken off her and he still has her around my daughter when they was together and even now I only get 3 hours a week with my little girl and all this because of my MENTAL HEALTH AND THAT NO ONE BELEVED I COULD RAISE MY DOUGHTER I AM SO SCARED TO TRY TO GET HER BACK BECAUSE IF I GO THROUGH IT ALL AGAIN ANF DRAG HER DAD IN TO IT AGAIN AND I DONT GET HER BACK IT WILL KILL EVEN MORE

8 year old baby daughter sucks daddy's cock and...



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