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Creating a Style from a Midi fileThis is a short Video about a program that I use called EMC Styleworks 2000.This is a very versatile program and it serves several purposes. The main ones being creating Styles from Midi files and the other converting a style from one Brand of Keyboard to another. Both work well to some degree but a little more skill and musical knowlege - or musicality as I prefer to call it is required with creating styles from scratch.I have recorded this Video using EMC and a Midi file called Chanson D'amour, a song that I like so why not use it.As you will see I have loaded the program and chosen Midi to Style within the program. By pressing the upper left floppy Icon I can search for my Midi file. Once found and selected you will see that the midi file tracks are shown in the window. Below that window we have the Controls for our style parts. These are editable parts as explained in the Video.I would have liked to spend some more time in the actual editing of the style within Styleworks, however, for the purpose of a 10 minute Video Tutorial I think it fulfils the purpose. I will add One Touch Settings to the new style on the T3 keyboard. Have played the style and it is not perfect but is very playable as the correct Rythym and Tempo for the named song. So success to some degree. The style can be further edited in a pc Sequencer, however that is another aspect of style creation.Styleworks is a very worthwhile program to have with all the functions that you can use within Style creation. There are other methods to use and one is to use a pc sequencer and Markers within that program which is in effect the same method that EMC partly automates for you. There is also other programs such as Band-in-a-Box, midi2style probably more. You can of course create or partly create styles on most Top of the Line Keyboards with some being better than others for ease of use or added functions.This is a very basic instruction for EMC and there is much more to learn, however I think that it gives a good base to progress further if you want to.

Style Works Xt Universal Download Full Versionl

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