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Poor Sakura Vol.1-4

They meet there, as Tsubasa, Ageha and Rokumon were also present. Sakura's memories were restored, and she remembered that she saved Yuko's family and her mother from the Damashigami Rabbit by increasing her power to a more destructive level, which enabled her to create a barrier between Heaven and Earth. She then eliminated the Damashigami Rabbit and prevented it from infecting other children by transferring into her brother, the good-hearted boy Sage, to make him sacrifice his life to draw out the many spirits trapped inside other children. She along with Joshua were able to seal this evil spirit into the demon that prowls the seas and recovered Momo's house with the help of the spirit of her mother, who had sealed the house in the first place. [2]

Poor Sakura Vol.1-4

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Sakura sent her beloved mother to the bottom of the sea. Sakura forced her father to accompany her when she told him to leave Hell and join her mother, stating that her mother was still waiting for him in the end. [8]

Now, the spirits know to attack Sakura and her father directly. Yuko sacrificed herself to change the course of time in an attempt to stop the attack by sacrificing herself in that way, knowing that her father would be unable to forgive her if he did not become a magical girl. [12] She finds her mother who lived in a world where the oceans dried up and left her brother missing, and that she sacrificed herself to save her mother's world and herself. She frees her son, and their world from the Damashigami Rabbit's spell by sealing the Damashigami Rabbit within itself into a black-hearted, immortal spirit, which is Sakura's new found enemy. [13]

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