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Best Buy Car Phone Chargers [Extra Quality]

A USB car charger is an adapter that plugs into this auxiliary port, opening up to one or more female USB ports on the outward face of the charger. This will allow users to plug in one or more USB cables and subsequently draw power for their USB devices via the traditional automobile auxiliary power outlet. This can be useful for keeping devices such as cell phones, tablets, or gaming systems charged and ready during a long commute or lengthy road trip. USB car chargers can also be used to power handy devices for your vehicle such as dash cams, GPS units, and more.

best buy car phone chargers

For our latest update, we tested another 20 chargers, including some with only USB-A ports, some with just USB-C ports, and some with both. To find the top options in each category, we put the finalists through a number of tests.

Searching for the best car charger available today? Our teams researched over 50 top products and purchased 8 of the best to test side-by-side. With so many chargers on the market that appear identical, we understand that it can be tough to figure out which models are worthy of your purchase. Our road-tripping gearheads used every option in their own vehicles, closely evaluating them for charging speed, versatility, user-friendliness, and materials. This in-depth, hands-on review will help you quickly and easily find the best car charger for your specific needs and budget.

If you're always on the go, you may consider investing in portable power. We have you covered with the best portable chargers, and portable solar charger for your far-flung adventures. Our travel experts have also tested the best lightning cables and the most noteworthy USB-C cables to pair with a top-tier wireless charger, car charger, or maybe just a standard USB wall charger. No matter where you and your devices go, we're here to help you keep everything juiced up.

The lighting fast Anker PowerDrive Speed+ 2 easily boosts your smartphone from 10% to 80% in roughly 20 minutes. The USB-A and USB-C ports allow for some versatility regarding cable compatibility, and the two ports can be used simultaneously. This powerful car buddy can even charge high-ticket items like Macbook computers. The PowerDrive is also small, and its ergonomic shape makes it easy to both plug-in and remove. The ring light around the outside indicates the power source is working, and the inputs are a lighter blue, providing some contrast and making them easier to see. The output max for each port is 2.4A, totaling 4.8A when both are in use.

While many electronics are moving toward USB-C charging cables, the standard is still a USB-A port. Having one of each makes the PowerDrive versatile if you use both types of chargers, but people who use older devices may find that they only use the USB-A port, making this car charger only able to charge one device at a time. It is also worth noting that the PowerDrive is somewhat expensive compared to other options in our test suite. Still, if you are looking for something small, travel-friendly, and fast, the PowerDrive is a great option.

Some car chargers offer different USB ports to ensure a versatile charging experience. Unfortunately, the ReVolt Dual only offers USB-A. Because many electronics are shifting towards USB-C charging, this makes the ReVolt slightly less adaptable. Luckily USB-C charge cords often offer a USB-A side. The small ridge around the rim of the ReVolt sits flush with the DC outlet, making it difficult to remove; however, there are small grooves to help with this. Overall this is a great low-profile option at a friendly price.

The Nekteck USB Type C impresses us with its fast charging speeds and high wattage output, making it a great option for those with modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It has a combined output of 57 watts: 12 watts through the USB-A port and 45 watts through the USB-C port. This allows for simultaneous, fast charging of both smartphones and larger devices like tablets or laptops. Or, use the USB-C port to charge a modern smartphone with a quick charging platform. Few other car chargers on the market allow for such fast charging of a wide variety of devices. The product also comes with a C-to-C USB cable, adding value to your purchase. This charger is sturdy, built to last, and did not present any durability issues during our test period. The unit is easy to insert and remove from standard DC outlets and is independently safety tested and certified to prevent power surges and overheating.

A downside to this model is that it only offers one USB-A port. If your devices are older and not compatible with USB-C, you'll have only one useful port. We also found the charger head a bit bulky compared to other two-port chargers. However, these drawbacks are minor and do not detract from the excellent performance of the Nekteck.

If you need a charger that can handle up to six devices simultaneously, then the AI Aikenuo Multiport QC 3.0 is for you. This charger has six USB-A-type ports, four of which feature Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, and the other two each offer 12 watts of current for traditional charging speeds. The result is a tremendously versatile charger that enables an entire carful of people to charge their power-hungry devices simultaneously. In the rare case that multiple large devices like tablets and laptops are connected simultaneously as multiple Quick Charge-enabled smartphones, you might see a dip in charging speeds. But otherwise, this charger provides all the charging a family or rideshare would ever need.

The Bestek 300W Power Inverter is a fully-featured mobile charging device for remote professionals. It has two 120V AC outlets for charging larger devices like laptops, drones, and camera batteries, essentially making this little device an inverter. It also has two USB-A plugs for more conventional mobile devices like tablets and phones. The high wattage provides plenty of charging capability for multiple high-powered devices and is very useful for photographers and videographers who need to charge multiple batteries from their vehicles in remote locations. It features a cooling fan to ensure safe handling and a fixed 24-inch cord with a DC plug at the end. It even has an on/off switch to ensure the charger is not drawing from your vehicle's battery when not in use. All components are well-constructed and seem built to last, and we have not had any issues with durability during testing or beyond.

The two USB-A outlets can output up to 12 watts each, meaning that most devices see average charging times. The Bestek also lacks the fast-charging capabilities of USB-C and Quick Charge Devices. Those who plan on only charging a modern smartphone or tablet in the vehicle may find this charger overkill and should consider the other small and fast chargers in our fleet of competitors. At five inches long, four inches wide, and two inches thick, the dimension of the Bestek runs on the larger side. The fan noise is also noticeable when the device runs for extended periods. Compared to the sleek and unnoticeable two-port chargers, Bestek certainly has a larger footprint. Yet for the right uses, it's worth the additional real estate.

We began our review process by sorting through dozens of the most commonly used chargers on the market and then whittled down our selection to the top contenders. We made sure to include chargers with fast, modern charging technologies, older wattage capacities that work with most gadgets, and multiport chargers. We purchased these chargers for our rigorous hands-on testing process, which included multiple timed charges to take the same iPhone from 10% to 100% battery. We treated the chargers roughly, pulling them in different directions with charging cords and dropping them repeatedly to get a sense of their long-term durability. We also asked our testers to comment on the ergonomics and aesthetics of each charger in different vehicles.

For this review, we recruited full-time road warrior and mountain guide Jeff Dobronyi, and full-time van lifer Hayley Thomas. Both Hayley and Jeff travel the country and the world, jumping from one place to the next seeking the best climbing and skiing adventures. Along the way, they document their experiences, ensuring a constant need for charging devices like headlamps, camera batteries, smartphones, laptops, and boot dryers. Jeff readily admits that his passenger seat often looks like a tangle of wires and electronics. Over time, both have learned the ins and outs of car chargers and can keenly make distinctions between seemingly similar options.

The most important characteristic of a car charger is its charging speed. We need chargers that will quickly and efficiently juice our batteries from empty to full, regardless of the length of our car ride. This metric is so important that many consumers disregard all other features. To test this metric, we noted how quickly each option could charge an iPhone 12 from 10% to 80%. We also plugged in other devices to see whether or not the charge time suffered. 041b061a72

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