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Mobi Info Edit Review: Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks

any time a server is performing a query, the queries, their properties and the resources are logged. clicking on the log queries will open the log queries tab of the mobi window. the table contains one row for each query which was performed since the last time the tab was opened.

Mobi Info Edit Full Version

mobi has two modes, one which allows users to edit concepts in one query and the other which allows multiple users to perform concurrent edits to ontologies. users can switch between these modes by clicking the edit modes on the main toolbar. while in edit mode, users will be able to add and remove ontology views and associaed concept schemes to the query and the tab will reflect any changes made.

the data tab ( mobi info edit full version ) provides the ability to edit the data associated with any concept, and the annotation tab ( mobi info edit full version ) provides the ability to annotate and modify the relationships between concepts within the ontology.

you can drag and drop any entity into the hierarchy to create a new concept, or combine multiple imported entities. to open the entity in the entity inspector, double click on the entity or click the link next to the entity in the search bar (top left). this will open a new tab that shows all of the information about the entity. if multiple entities are dragged to create a composite, the composite will inherit properties from all of the selected entities. if an entity is referenced by other entities through the skos:inscheme or skos:topconceptof properties, the property appears highlighted when the concept or concept scheme is selected. clicking create will expand the entity hierarchy so that all of the new entities can be viewed in the tab (assuming it was previously collapsed).

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