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Mrs. Bush's Remarks at Helping America's Youth Event in PennsylvaniaGermantown Boys and Girls Club of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Photos 11:53 A.M. EST MRS. BUSH: Thank you very much, Lamar. Thanks to all of you. I'm soexcited to be here today. Lamar has had a great story for us. He's aninspiration to us, and I know you are really proud now that youngpeople look up to you for inspiration, just like you looked at Jack andyour other mentors. I want to thank Jack Law and Steve Highsmith and Rick Smith foryour warm welcome to the Germantown Boys and Girls Club. And specialthanks also to Roxanne Spillett, President of the Boys and Girls Clubsof America for your commitment to our nation's young people. I love to visit Philadelphia and I've spent a lot of time here overthe last four years. I've visited museums and historic sites. I've metmany great students and teachers here. And I have to admit, I've eatenone too many Philly cheese steaks. (Laughter.) But I'm really happy tobe here today at the Germantown Boys and Girls Club today. Last night, during the State of the Union address, President Bushshared his goals for the next four years with the American people. ThePresident reaffirmed his commitment to freedom for those who areoppressed around the world. As the people of Afghanistan and Iraq haveshown, liberty triumphs over terror. President Bush will work tostrengthen our economy, our Social Security system, and our schools forthe next generation. And he called on all Americans to expand thevalues of family and compassion that are the foundation of ourcountry. The greatest strength of our country is the goodness of theAmerican people. Faithbased and community groups bring greater hope tous all. And last night the President proposed an initiative to helpthese organizations reach out to young men and young women, butparticularly to young men who find themselves lost or trapped in gangs.We want to show young people the ideal of manhood that respects lifeand rejects violence. The President's administration has proposed $150million over three years to help young people in some of our toughestneighborhoods. Encouraging young men to see beyond a world ofhopelessness is part of a national effort to help all young peoplereach their full potential. Since my years as an elementary school teacher and librarian,through the years as First Lady of Texas and now as First Lady of theUnited States, I have worked to emphasize the vital importance of earlychildhood education for all children. The first five years of life arecritical. They are a critical time for children to develop thephysical, emotional and cognitive skills that they will need for therest of their lives. Infants and toddlers need parents and caregiverswho read to them, who foster their development so when they startschool, they are ready to learn. These years are also critical to the social and the behavioraldevelopment of young children. Research shows that boys who exhibithighly aggressive behavior as early as kindergarten have a greaterchance of being involved with drugs and violence as adolescents. Infact, children who are overly impulsive at age three are twice aslikely to be dependent on alcohol by age 21. And research from YaleUniversity shows that there is substantive linkages between earlyreading failure and truancy and depression later in young people. Our children are living in an increasingly complex world, and manyboys especially are having a tough time growing up. Boys have a hardertime learning to read, graduating from high school and achievingindependence. They often fall behind girls in elementary school, andmore boys drop out of high school than girls. Boys are also more likelyto drink and use drugs to gain approval from their peers. And they aremore likely than girls to be arrested for crimes. The Department of Justice estimates that more than 90 percent ofgang members in large cities are boys. They are also more than fourtimes likely than girls to carry a weapon to school. And by age 18,boys are 17 times more likely than girls to be in jail or in prison. Researchers are studying how boys differ from girls in theirability to cope with life changes. We have more to learn, but we doknow that positive experiences within their families, schools and theircommunities can determine whether boys will live a life of peril or alife of promise. Tyenell Rose said that Germantown Boys and Girls Club helped herson Tyalif turn his life around. Tyalif started getting in trouble inthe first grade. His role as the class jokester escalated as he movedthrough the fourth grade. Last year, the school called Tyenell nearlyevery single day to report that her son was acting out. She turned toJack Law in the Boys and Girls Club for help. Through oneononementoring and the Club's no tolerance policy, Tyalif is doing better inschool. He is paying attention in class, and he has improved inreading, passing the state assessment test this year. At home Tyalif listens to his mom and helps with his youngerbrother and sister. As a single mother, Tyenell welcomes his help, andshe appreciates knowing that her children have somewhere safe to goafter school. Tyenell said, "I'm fortunate to have a Boys and Girls Club in myneighborhood and to have great mentors for my children. My boys nowhave positive influences in their lives and I can be proud of the menthat they are becoming." Thank you Tyenell and Tyalif for sharing yourstory. You are an inspiration to all of us. We want all children to grow up healthy and safe. As parents,teachers and community leaders, we have a personal interest in seeingour children succeed. And as Americans, we have a moral responsibilityto ensure that all children are prepared for school and for life.Children need strong role models and relationships with adults whonurture their confidence and their character. Young people must havesafe places to go where they can express themselves and be heard. Andall children need the experience and the joy of giving back to theirown communities and helping other people. This is what Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia provide youngpeople with every day. Like all Boys and Girls Clubs, Germantown is agreat example of a communitybased center that engages young peoplethrough positive youth development. For children the Club is analternative to the streets. Every Club has trained youth developmentprofessionals who provide positive role models for young people, and Ivisited with two of those young professionals and the groups of youngpeople that they're working with today and it was very, very moving tosee the Passport to Manhood class and the SMART Moves class, and thankyou both. Thank you for letting me come sit in your classes with youand thank you for your great influence on young people. In these classes, young people learn to resolve conflicts and howto prepare for college. They have their own passport in the Passport toManhood class, which symbolizes their journey and in which they cancapture their accomplishments. Shenelle Colman, who I visited in herSMART Moves class, teaches teens how to say no to drugs and sex.Through role playing, young people learn to resist peer pressure andlearn how to make the right decisions. By focusing on character and career development, early reading andcommunity service, this Club is making an incredible difference in thelives of young people, and we see success like this in Clubs throughoutthe country. Research shows that where there is a Boys and Girls Club,there is generally a reduction in vandalism, drug trafficking and youthcrime. While many programs are making a difference in the lives of boysand girls, we can and we must do more. We need the support of families,communities, schools and government to ensure that no child is leftbehind. There are specific interventions and promising practices that work.These programs nurture a child's social and emotional health and theiracademic skills. They also teach parents how to develop a loving,stable home and how to solve problems. We must share this informationwidely so that communities can engage and empower young people. Andparents, teachers, faithbased and community groups need to be part ofthis national conversation. I encourage all Americans to get involved in the life of a child.Many volunteers dedicate their times at Boys and Girls Clubs. ThePresident established USA Freedom Corps to help Americans findvolunteer opportunities in their own home communities. Over the next few months, I'll be traveling across the countryvisiting schools and faithbased centers and community programs likethis one. I hope to learn more about the challenges boys face and howwe can improve their lives. We can nurture our children's dreams, wecan help them develop their talents and we can ensure their healthydevelopment. Our success will not only affect the direction of theirlives, but it will also affect the future of our country. The challenges before us are great, and the time between childhoodand adulthood, as George and I can attest, is all too short. But as themen and women of the Germantown Boys and Girls Club show, each of ushas the power to make a difference in a young person's life. Thank you all so much for being here. Now I want to introduceRoxanne Spillett, the President of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.(Applause.) END 12:05 P.M. EST Printer-Friendly Version Email this page to a friend 041b061a72

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