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Windows Xp Kms Activator

so then, after your experience with this topic, will you buy any more windows applications? no, because i intend to wipe out all the files on my hard drive that are associated with windows and never purchase any windows product again. i said to my fiance, when they activate win10, does it make it possible to re-activate my own windows7? her reply was,

Windows Xp Kms Activator

i asked her if she had anything to do with microsoft and she said no, she just works for her company and they only offer technical help to our company. so then i asked her if the situation would have been different if i had purchased a license for win10 pro. she said that if it was a different version of microsoft office then they would allow it.

so now, i havent decided that i want to buy a microsoft office license, probably not. i actually purchased a retail copy of win8.1 pro and have had no problems, other than the very occasional virus and i feel, with most viruses these days i should have no problems. perhaps i will buy office for free next time.

i have also learned that microsoft does not recommend running a retail copy of a newer version of windows on an older version of the operating system. i guess this is why i was having issues with my activation. perhaps its because i was using a retail copy. i will be installing ubuntu linux on my second computer because i want a more stable and reliable operating system that i can test many different programs and have a total control over how the machine is configured and running. next time, i will never, even if i do install windows10 pro on my first computer, buy a retail copy of the new windows.

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