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Where To Buy Star Wars Movies Online

It's never been easier to marathon the whole series, but before you press play on the first movie, it's important to decide your preferred viewing order. Do you start with the original trilogy or the prequel movies? What about the standalone films and the television shows? Here is how to watch Star Wars in order, whichever order you choose.

where to buy star wars movies online

The most obvious answer is theatrical release order, since this is how the movies were shown and what George Lucas intended. It starts with the original trilogy, then takes us back to the prequel movies, before finishing with Disney's sequel films.

George Lucas had always intended for the original Star Wars film to be a small part of a much larger story. So just because it was the first film to be released doesn't mean it's the start of the story. Instead of going with release order, you can also try chronological order based on when the movies are supposed to take place.

This would mean starting with Episode I, II, and III of the prequel trilogy, before moving to IV, V, VI of the original movies, then finishing with VII, VIII, IX from the sequels. If you're adding the standalone films, you can fit Rogue One and Solo in between Episodes III and IV, and it should work fine.

If you're not happy about removing Episode I and are also wondering where the sequel movies fit in here, the original creator of the Machete Order has a suggestion. In an update to his original post, Rod Hilton says(Opens in a new window) to watch Episodes VII, VIII, and IX after the other movies. You can then treat Episode I as an anthology, like Rogue One and Solo.

For those younger fans who missed the original and prequel trilogies, older fans who want to relive the nostalgic journey from beginning to end, and new fans who haven't seen any of the films yet, it can be hard to know where to start! Thankfully you don't have to span galaxies to watch every movie. This handy guide includes where you can watch every Star Wars movie online.

With digital rentals, you have 30 days to start watching the movies. And if you start watching one, you must finish it within 48 hours. Rental fees for the Star Wars movies start from $2.99, although this may vary by platform. And fresh releases such as The Rise of Skywalker cost slightly more to rent on some platforms. VUDU, for instance, lets you rent it for $5.99, while other titles are available for $3.99.

Buying the Star Wars movies digitally is ideal for those who like the freedom to watch the movies with no 30-day or 48-hour restrictions. Rates start from $14.99 per title, though this may vary by platform. Newer releases often cost more, and on some platforms, you might have to pay a few bucks extra to get the movies in ultra high definition (UDH).

Starring iconic characters who have been enthralling old fans and attracting new followers for decades, Star Wars is a massive franchise, comprising numerous movies and shows. However, many of these were not released in a serial order. Thus, for those who are just starting to deep-dive into the mythology and understand character developments, it is best to watch Star Wars in a chronological order.

But if you need some distraction in the meantime, why not relive the magic of the first six films through the wonder of online streaming? No, sadly you won't be seeing Luke and Leia fighting the Empire on Netflix any time soon, but if your VHS copies are on the verge of ruin, there are several places on the interwebz where you can buy all six Star Wars films and stream them over and over to your heart's content.

Ever since that first menacing star destroyer loomed across movie screens in 1977, kids of all ages have been enamored with the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and all their friends (and enemies!). Even kids as young as 2 and 3 can name all the franchise's major characters -- which often tempts parents who also grew up loving the movies to plan a Star Wars movie night, especially with Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian at the top of everyone's must-see list. 041b061a72

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