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Watch Hindi Movies Sholay 1975

Only in India, would they wait for a dance to end before they blow up a damn village.I am so disappointed that Bollywood kind of gave up on western genre after this because western is so tailor made for Bollywood. Over the top action, dialogue, horses, crazy villains, girls dancing on broken glasses erhh. OK. I think one of the most accessible movies for non Indians. Now, don't tell me you wouldn't understand cultural references because that's the whole point of watching foreign movies. I don't complain when I have to try to understand western culture in x men haha.Do watch it. Also, the guys obsessed with diversity : It has Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians in its cast. I am not saying that's important but people are debating a lot about opportunities so why not throw that info in :=)

Watch Hindi Movies Sholay 1975

Either way, these must-watch movies are well worth the two-plus hours you'll probably have to block off in your day to watch them (Bollywood movies are famously long). Whether you're a fan of romance, tragedy, or comedy, there's definitely a film for you in this colorful world. Below, a list of Bollywood staples that you need to add to your watch list, from epic historical dramas to kickass action movies.

Hi fellows,I also like Sholay and only for Amjad Khan's (Gabbar Singh) performance honestly.For those who do not know most of Sholay is copied from one of the best rated movies in cinema history known as ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST I had a chance to watch this movie which is a masterpiece. If anything from Sholay is comparable to this movie that would only be *Gabbar Singh*... Sholay rules but changed my mind as I saw Once Upon a Time in the West later than Sholay.Regards, JAD-0-0-GAR

We all know that plots and stories copied from hollywood movies are not uncommon, Bollywood has been doing that for over 80 years...It is what you do with the story or plot is what we should look at.Its not the inspiration or influence that matters - what matters is what you do with the influence/inspiration...There are 1000's of Indian movies inspired by hollywood - Not one has reached the heights SHOLAY has...Voted Movie of the mellenium by BBC - Created bollywood stars - one liners heard all over the world even after 25-30 years - can you match that with any other movie ?Plus let alone the movie stars even the small character actors were immortalized - eg : SAMBHA, Jailor, Soorma Bhopali....The understanding to what this movie is a lot deeper than just what it copied from...So .. watch it again and have fun...GSC

[I also like Sholay and only for Amjad Khan's (Gabbar Singh) performance honestly. For those who do not know most of Sholay is copied from one of the best rated movies in cinema history known as ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST I had a chance to watch this movie which is a masterpiece. If anything from Sholay is comparable to this movie that would only be *Gabbar Singh*... Sholay rules but changed my mind as I saw Once Upon a Time in the West later than Sholay.]I think yopu stretched few characteristics and one scene to the enitire movie. The scene where Henry Fonda kills the family is a rip off apart from some characteristics of Harmonica and Jai (Amitabh Bachchan). That's about it!

Not entirely true Vivek. I know we all grew up on Sholay thinking that it was our masterpiece so it is difficult to view it objectively but there is no doubt that it is a mish mesh of classic western films. As you recognized the family killing scene from Once upon a time... and what about the background score? If you have seen "Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid" you will recognize characters of Jai and Veeru and couple of action sequence that have directly been lifted. Butch Cassidy: How come you're so talkative? Sundance Kid: Naturally blabby, I guess. (recognize "haan humein kutch zyaada baat karne ki aadat hai"?)Watch 'the professionals' and you will get your gabbar's camp, couple of sequences from "the wild bunch" and of course the basic plot from "seven samurai"/"magnificient seven". And I am not talkin about inspiration but direct copying or lifting here. There was a Bachchan film festival done specifically for Americans in US and out of all his movies, Sholay was skipped. My contention is that it was skipped because organizers knew that americans will instantly recognize all their classic westerns in sholay.One cannot deny the entertainment value or longetivity of Sholay but the fact remains. reminds me of a woody allen quote from "anything else"; "always try to be original but if you have to steal, steal from the best". and that's what salim-javed and ramesh sippy effectively did.

abe kyon ro raha hai phir tu. Hollywood movies are copied from other movies as well, but its just that Americans are not as idiotic as u guys. They just watch movies, have fun and that's all. Don't u notice that "Troy" is pretty similar to story of Karan from Mahabharat?? U prolly wouldn't have cauze u so love american movies but listen no american girl will actually like u cauze u are a wanna-be. Certainly there have been some scenes moved around. Like the death of kid in troy is same scenario as death of abhimanyu in mahabharat. The death of troy is exactly like karan cauze karan also wasn't fighting at the time. He went to pull his Rath's wheel out of a hole, similarly troy was sitting beside the chick that was dying.

The idea might have been taken from another movie or for that instance the story of dakus, which were pretty popular at that time. But just cauze actors in two movies wear clothes, doesn't mean that one was copied from another. Wannabe is not exactly seeing good things in other culture, but its to see ur culture or something from ur heritage always from a critical point of view. See the problem with americans is that they don't care. WThey watch movies, have fun unlike all the wannabes' in america who just come out of *beep* villages and start thinking too much abt themselves just cauze they can type in english and call others illetrate. The problem is that u or other so called "preachers" just go on and on and talking crap abt sholay being inspired or bollywood getting inspired all the time. When will the Indian generation grow up like them in this aspect?? Just keep ur mouth goin under a limit and everythin will be peaceful here. That is exactly wat i said. So I have watched literally 50 movies in which a guy asks another guy abt his health. So u mean that other 49 movies are copy of each other? Could be, cauze it is said by a self proclaimed "literate." Right??

So now ur also self-proclaimed intelligent person too. The idea of the movie might be inspired from another movie, but stop jumpin around and relax, u ain't gettin any white chics buddy. I don't need to watch six movies in order to decide if one movie is copied or not. I know that it is part of the movie world to get inspired unlike u so called american wannabes' who consider hollywood as the world best cinema, and then teach others about inferiority complex. Wat makes u think that ur idiotic opinion matters?? Bollywood has twice as much audience as hollywood in the whole world. If one mentally challenged person calls everyone mad that doesn't mean that it is true and u want everyone to believe in wat u say, which is truely BS. Sholay is about each and every character. It is one of the greatest movie that India has produced so far. U call others illetrate, on the other hand u say crap like this: "so they are not very different from indians living in india." Isn't that exactly wat I meant when I said that ur a wannabe. U want to be like americans, and as a result become a true joke. Like a dhobi ka kutta, naa ghar ka na ghat ka. Its not only abt saas bahu serials and abt bollywood, its abt many other things that wannabes' do but it pretty easy to catch 'em cauze bollywood burns their as*es for some reason. U will criticize Indian dressing, accent, food and other *beep* they? I don't need u to reply until u realize that u don't need to be american in order to make an impression for urself. And u can proclaim urself as whoever u want to be, but that doesn't make u right.

I am not a fan of both Hollywood or bollywood i just like to watch good movies and i don`t care where they come from. But i am curious you really think troy is taken from a bollywood movie??? Actually it is a greek mythology and the story exists thousends of years. And i like sholay but he is right it is taken from western Movies but i still like the Movie. But for example Once upon a time is one of the best Movies ever beeing made and comparing those 2 movies is just impossible. I gave sholay a 10/10 becouse it is obviously one of the best indian Movies but Once upon a time in the West is a different league believe me but i dunno about the other movies.

hey wrickmitra, butch cassidy not in the same league??? although i am not a fan of western movies but while watching it i couldn't keep my eyes away and i realized that westerns can be good movies as well. it's in the top 50 movies list of american film institute.manoj

Do you people not know the story of TROY? how the heck was that a copy of teh mahabarata? troy ans mahabarat were both based on true stories (BUT DIFFERENT),Troy: big war which lasted 10years cuz some king stole the lady helen (its more complex thatn that)mahabarat: HUGE war between 2 races or soemthing where Krishna leads one side and ... (again alot more complex)war started cuz of one pandit fella who did some stuff and hsi children had to payok YES BOLLYWOOD copies ALOT of english movies i can honestly name over 200, ( a new one called EK AJANABEE was an EXACT copy of denzel washingotns man on fire andMALAMAAL was AN EXAT COPY of a movie called something liek living or dieng neville divineok im indian but i stilll think alot of bollywood movies are cool, there english counterparts are also cool (sometimes they go to far liek EK AJNABEE whil malamaal was cool)iof u want a completly 100% original bollywood movie se LAGAAn it was so good it was nomiated for an oscar for best foreign filmsok so why dont HOLLYWOOD producers sue BOLLYWOOD directors for plagerism? becasue they have no knowledge of bindian movies copying there movies as they are so far away and they dont see the 800 movies which bollywood produces BUTslowly more and more indiands see more english films and go 'hey bollywood copied this' (like me and my family as i was born in NZ) some of my firedns form india refuse to belive bollywood copies u jsut cant change themi say leave them and there opinoons and see what u want and enjoy your life.and if u want to see teh story of troy just look on this website or read a greek mythology book and vice versa for the indian storieshave u guys seen ROCKY? i sjut saw it and it ROCKED no offense to bollywoood but i wouldent be suprised of it was copied.i lie my countrys (nz and india) but im sjut saying that bollywood sometimes g to far when they copie hollywood movies EXACLTY as it is, when they cahnge alot of the things then this actually pretty good liek sholay sholay was a great movieand if u guys want a really good POWERFUL movie not a random dance one like bollywood then SEE:once were warriorsSchindler's listSaving private ryanThe elephant manRockyjawsLOTR, star wars, matrix, jurassic park and indiana jones arent powerful but are awesome. harry potter and king kong were good too.

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