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What to Do When Display Acceleration Is Disabled in After Effects

if the user interface (ui) is not responding, try the following: click on windows key + x. click on application. click on after effects. click on view. click on document. if you still have problems clicking on buttons or menus, try the following: click on windows key + w. click on presets. if you have a problem with the built-in presets, simply click on the folder icon next to each preset.

display acceleration disabled after effects


to check your system type, please refer to the image below. click on the system type button. in my test computer, system type changed to windows 10, build 15063.0. this is why i upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7.

  • if you cannot update your video driver, you should also check to ensure that your video card is set to high performance and does not have any of the following options set to low performance: set visual effects to none

  • turn off dynamic clipping

  • turn off cache storage

  • turn off image updating

  • turn off change transparency

display acceleration disabled after effects next, navigate to device manager, expand display adapters and click on update driver. in device manager, locate your video card and click the update driver button.

crashes that occur in the middle of an edit sequence can be caused by instability of your system. you should investigate if a hardware problem exists. if a hardware problem exists, it is a chance to step up to a new machine.

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