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Pundit Plus User Manual [BEST]

1. INTRODUCTIONThe PUNDIT plus is the latest development in thePUNDIT range of ultrasonic test equipment. It offers new featuresto make it the most flexible ultrasonic test system available onthe market today. New features include: Three modes of pulsegeneration: continuous, delayed or one-shot Three operatingvoltages: 250V, 500V and 1200V Five display options: transit time,path length, velocity, limits and elastic modulus Metric orimperial measurement units Memory logging facility: with continuousand manual modes to store up to 112 readings Button on receivingtransducer: facilitates manual memory log function Remote input:enables PUNDIT plus to be controlled by external systems Downloadfunction: enables stored readings to be transferred to a PC Theabove features have been designed to make the PUNDIT plus a simpleto use, yet extremely flexible, test system.

Pundit Plus User Manual

When any of the parameters are changed, in any of the screens,on the PUNDIT plus, they are saved and restored the next time theunit is switched on. In this way the user can configure the PUNDITplus once and not have to repeat the same steps after turning theunit off. 3.1 EHT Voltage The EHT voltage is the voltage level ofthe transmitter pulse. There are three to choose from: 250V, 500Vand 1200V. As a rule of thumb, this should be set to 500V for mostconcrete applications. However, if the path length is large or ifthe material under test attenuates the received signal excessively,it may be necessary to increase the EHT voltage to 1200V.Conversely, small path lengths may require the lesser EHT voltageof 250V to be used. To change the EHT voltage, use the up/downarrow keys to move the cursor to the EHT VOLTAGE> line and thenuse the right arrow key to step through the options. When thepreferred option is displayed, use the up/down arrow keys to moveto the next parameter to be changed, or press the menu key torecord the parameters and go back to the main menu.

Pundit Plus Ultrasonic System: 2853B.3F The Pundit Plus is the new generation, pulse velocity test system that features the latest in microprocessor technology for today's increasing demands for accuracy, reliability and ease of operation. For added convenience, the new system incorporates a transducer-mounted switch for ease in recording of readings and built-in memory to store up to 100 readings.A standard RS-232C port allows the user to download the stored information using HyperTerminal for exporting into compatible spreadsheet applications. Menu-driven options permit the user to display transit time, velocity, limits or elastic modulus in either English or Metric units. The complete kit includes the instrument in a nylon holder, AC power supply and power cord, two 54 kHz transducers, two 12 ft. (3.7m) cables, coupling agent and operating manual. Meets ASTM C597, AASHTO TP37 and BS1881-203.Velocity 1 to 9999 ft/s or m/s at an accuracy of 1 ft/s or m/sTransit Time 1 to 9999 m/s at an accuracy of 1 m/s.Elastic Modulus up to 999.9 GN/m2 at an accuracy of 0.1 GN/m2Resolution 0.1 usVoltage Pulse 1 kVPulse Rate 3/sTransducers 54 kHz with 12ft. (3.6m) BNC cables, two includedDisplay 128 x 128 pixel graphic LCDData Output RS-232C interfaceTemp. Range 0 to +40CBattery 8 Internal rechargeable NiMH batteriesDimensions 9.8" x 6.3" x 3.9" (250 x 160 x 100 mm)Weight Shpg. 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)

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Contestants (anyone who submitted forecasts by Dec 20) mainly get judged based on how they did relative to the Dec 31 metaculus forecast. I expect that they will mostly be pundits making forecasts on their own questions, plus forecasting aficionados. 041b061a72

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